Before the Vengeance War, as the Fey campaign came to be known, the years were measured according to what was known as the Arriving. This was the title first given by the Fey to the first arrival of the Aer’dana, or Graceless, which is how the Fey refer to humans and others. The calander of the present era uses the abbreviation VW, which stands for Vengeance War. All races south of The Shroud use VW exclusivally while the Fey and mercantile kobolds use AR.

The current year is 516 VW. The shroud was created in 46 VW.

The current AR year is 4418 AR. Vengeance war was started in 3902 AR.

Below is a timeline, according to what few records escaped the Tel el Anon.

Dawn of Creation

13600 VW to 10500 VW

10500 VW to 8800 VW

8800 VW to 7540 VW

7540 VW to 6970 VW

6970 VW to 4320 VW


Lenfell aerchon